Social Media for Branding | Social Media Tips

When it comes to branding, there are huge opportunities for businesses large and small when it comes to social media! Here are a few tips on how to use social media to capitalize on your branding.

Make sure the way your business is presented is the same across the board.
Your brand colors, fonts, logos, etc should absolutely be the same, no matter what outlet you’re using, digital or not. And while your messaging should be tweaked per outlet to speak to each one’s individual audience, your over-arching message should also be consistent.

Speak to the right people in the right places.
As mentioned above, each social media outlet has its own individual audience. While there may be some overlap in folks that follow you in multiple places, you should take the time and make the effort to discern what each outlet’s demographics and analytics look like to make sure you’re posting the right things at the right times using the right language.

Take the opportunity to use your platforms to build brand loyalty.
You may offer the BEST customer service in-store. But if a customer or potential customer reaches out to you via your social media outlets and you fail to respond or respond in a lackluster manner, you’ve missed an opportunity to take that IRL experience to your digital world.

Take a twist on the “me, me, me” tactic.
A lot of businesses like to use their social media outlets to push their wares, their specials, etc. You can put a spin on this tactic by not just pushing these things, but by also using your posts and content to talk about what differentiates you from your competition.