Spring is officially upon us…and the weather’s finally acting like it, too. A lot of folks like to spring clean their homes, but I like to apply the concept to my business, too. Here are the things I focus on:
  • Email
    I’m a notorious email hoarder. So once or twice a year, I like to go through all my folders and look at anything older than a year. I don’t automatically delete everything, but I do get rid of a lot each time I do it.
  • Files on My Computer
    Are there duplicates of images that I’ve saved in multiple places? Are there forms I’ve filled out for events that have come and gone that I no longer need? Whatever needs to go gets gone. Even items that need to stay but don’t need to be upfront get moved to an appropriate space on the computer.
  • Office Supplies
    Every fall, I’m still like that kid that gets excited for new school supplies. By spring, I tend to have a ton of pens and highlighters from years past that no longer work. I tend to have filled notebooks that need to be recycled. Spring is just as good a time as any to say goodbye to them, too.

Are you a spring cleaner? How you do spring clean your business?

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