stephanie nelson of sbn marketing social media marketing and seo featured on hot in social mediapost by Stephanie Nelson

I was recently asked by the good folks at if I’d be part of their series on social media advice and predictions for 2016. The series of three articles includes information from 22 experts in the social media arena.

The first article focuses on the question “What digital marketing trends do you predict for 2016?” To see what I had to say, along with the 21 other experts, in the first article you can read it here.

The second article focuses on the question “Which will be the Top 3 Most Useful Social Media Networks in 2016 and why?” You can read all of the experts’ answers, including mine, here.

The final article, regarding the experts’ top two social media marketing tips, can be found here.

What would you say if you were asked about your predictions for digital marketing trends for 2016?