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There’s a lot of talk in the social media world about tailoring your posts to your audience. But how do you know who that audience is?

Luckily, the social media outlets actually make it pretty easy for you. You just need to know where to look. Vital audience information such as gender breakdown, interests, the time they’re online, where they’re located, and how they’ve interacted with your content can be found.

Why is this important? One of the biggest things I’ve seen companies doing is posting the same content across all of their social media platforms. But if you dig a bit, you may find that your Facebook audience is primarily women and your Twitter audience is primarily men. You may find that your Twitter audience is heavily interested in tech, but your Instagram audience does not engage with tech-related posts. You may find that the majority of your Pinterest audience is on the east coast, while your Facebook audience is primarily on the west coast. Asking all of these people to interact with the same content, in the same way, is a recipe for disaster.

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