sbn marketing launchpost by Stephanie Boyette Nelson

Let me take you back to several years ago.  Friends of mine who were small business owners needed some marketing work, I was in a position where I could use some extra cash, so SBN Marketing was started as a freelance gig.  And there it stayed – rarely used.

Funny how what started as a silly way to earn a couple extra bucks has suddenly become the center of my universe.

You see… Recently, I was told my position was being eliminated at my current job.  The company was moving in a different direction and would no longer be offering social media services.  Bad news.  But the good news was that, should I decide to start my own business, I could subcontract for them.  So my choices became (a) look for a social media marketing job in an uncertain economy or (b) start my own company with a built-in set of clients.  How many times in your life do you get option b?!?!

So that’s where we are now.  SBN Marketing will be launching soon as a full-fledged marketing company.  The focus will be social media solutions for small businesses, particularly getting them found online in their hyperlocal markets.

I look forward to bringing you updates and sharing social media nuggets with you.  Come along on this journey with me – it’s sure to be a good one!