The Power of a CTA | Call to Action Tips | SEO & Social Media Solutions for Small Businesses | SBN Marketing

You may have noticed that at the end of every blog post and the bottom of the pages of this website, there’s a button inviting visitors to get in touch with SBN Marketing. The intent behind this placement, this usage, is very intentional. It’s to let visitors know what’s the next step, to lead them to what’s next. This is my standard call to action, or CTA.

CTAs can be quite powerful, and they should be used in any and all of your marketing pieces. They make it so the consumers of your material aren’t left hanging. Like I said before, they lead folks to the next step, whether they consciously realize it or not.

For CTAs to work, though, they should follow a few best practices.

  • They should stand out visually.
  • They should be succinct and easy to understand.
  • They should create a feeling of urgency: communicate how the next step will provide immediate help/relief, give the consumer FOMO (fear of missing out), etc.

When building your CTAs, you need to consider your audience, as well as the point they are at in the buying cycle when they’ll encounter that particular call-to-action. Someone unfamiliar with your brand and your services/goods will be prompted to act by something much different than a repeat customer.

In addition, it’s important to test a variety of calls to action. No matter what, they should make sense for your brand. But sometimes pushing the limits a bit can make sense and be the best decision ever.

From an SEO standpoint, effective calls to action can lead to fewer bounces, longer visitor times on your site, and more pages visited per session. All of these are on-site elements that the search engines’ algorithms take into account when “deciding” where to rank your site organically.

Ready to craft your own calls to action and test them on your website as part of a bigger SEO strategy? Give us a shout, and let’s see if SBN Marketing the right fit for your project!

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay