post by Stephanie Nelson

Over and over lately, I’ve seen friends – those that work in the social media world and those that don’t – sharing article after article on how Facebook is going to start charging all business pages to show up in folks’ new feeds. Let me give you the REAL story. (Spoiler alert: You can go ahead and stop panicking.)

Yes, Facebook is testing a new setup that breaks posts into two news feeds. One is for friends and paid/sponsored posts. The other is called the “explore” feed. It is for business pages a user follows and other suggested posts.

However, this test is only running right now in Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala, and Cambodia. The US is NOT part of the test, and there are currently no plans to roll this setup out globally.

“The goal of this test is to understand if people prefer to have separate places for personal and public content,” Facebook’s head of News Feed, Adam Mosseri, said in a post on Facebook’s blog. “We will hear what people say about the experience to understand if it’s an idea worth pursuing any further.”

So rest easy. For the time being, your business page posts will not require another budget line…at least no more than they already do. If you need help staying on top of Facebook news and best practices, give us a shout!

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