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Use of social media continues to rise in the general public, and it’s reached a point where most businesses need to be on social media to find success. Here are a few tips for building your social media strategy so you’re not just spinning your wheels.

  • Know EXACTLY what you want to achieve.
    Do you think your goal is to get more fans or followers? Why? If they’re not engaging with your content, a higher number may actually hurt you. Want to generate leads? Want to push traffic to your website? What is the end result you’re trying to get to.
  • Use your data.
    Between Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, Twitter Analytics, Pinterest Analytics, etc, you have an EPIC amount of information on your audiences, how they differ, when they’re online, the content they interact with on each outlet, and more. Use this to your advantage and set your strategy appropriately for each outlet.
  • Use each outlet appropriately.
    Just as you want to use your data to know your audiences and such, you also want to know the outlets you’re posting to and use them appropriately. For example, LinkedIn is a professional social media outlet. Instagram and Facebook are more about entertainment and fun. Even if your message is the same, the delivery should be different because of the nature of the outlets.
  • Keep your messaging consistent.
    Speaking of messaging…Your social media efforts should be seen as one tool in your total marketing strategy. Your posts and messages should support your other marketing efforts, just as a print ad in a magazine, an email marketing campaign, or direct mail piece would.

If all this sounds overwhelming or if you just need your social media marketing taken off your plate so that you can focus on your business, use the button below to give us a shout. We’d love to know about your goals and see if we’re a good fit for meeting them!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay