Tips for Celebrating Women's Entrepreneurship Day | SEO & Social Media Maven Stephanie Nelson | SBN Marketing

So I’m a day late (and, if I’m honest, probably a dollar short), in posting about Women’s Entrepreneurship Day this year. But if I’m being honest (again), I also feel female entrepreneurship is something that should be celebrated every day. Want to know how you can do that easily? Here are a few tips.

  • Engage with the social media posts of female-owned businesses.
    With the algorithms working the way they do these days, a like, comment, or share does more than you know!
  • Let a female entrepreneur know you see them.
    Like all entreprenuers, we’re out here busting our butts day after day. Hearing that our work isn’t going unnoticed brings a nice warm fuzzy to our lives. Help us see our successes, even the small ones.
  • Help out.
    Know a friend or client that could use the services of a female entrepreneur’s business? Send referrals. Staying with a friend that owns her own business? Cook dinner one night..or take her out. Do the dishes after dinner. Pitch in, even in a small way, to take something off her plate?
  • Toot your own horn!
    If you’re the female entrepreneur, celebrate yourself! You don’t need to wait for others. Shout from the rooftops how awesome you are, and how awesome we all are. Raise a glass and cheers to all you’ve accomplished!