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On this blog, we focus a lot on being a good business owner. But all of us are consumers, too. And a lot of business owners we know are facing new hardships with their customers wanting things to go back to “normal”, even though that may not be the best idea or may even be against the law right now. So we’re dedicating this week’s post to tips on being a good customer as a reminder for us all.

  1. Stay home if you’re sick or even remotely feel like you might be sick.
    This one should go without saying. But there are people out there that are making us say it. Don’t feel well? Don’t go out. Period.
  2. If you don’t like the rules, don’t patronize that establishment.
    Oddly enough, we’re seeing a lot of folks fussing about businesses requiring patrons to wear a mask. Those business owners are trying to protect their staffs, their other patrons, and their businesses. If you don’t like it, face the fact that you have two options – put on a damn mask or go somewhere else. Doing otherwise only makes you an ass.
  3. Don’t dally.
    Restaurants and retail establishments are only allowed a certain percentage of their maximum capacity right now. This means they can’t have the usual number of patrons in their establishments spending money. So go in, get your goods, and get out. (We’re not saying you shouldn’t enjoy your outing. But hanging out at a table in a restaurant for four hours while you shoot the breeze and order nothing more is costing them money now more so than BC – Before Corona.)
  4. Watch your hands.
    If you’re shopping, look with your eyes, not your hands. Everything you touch should be disinfected, but that’s not always possible. So decrease your risk of transmitting AND GETTING anything by touching as little as possible.
  5. Social distance like it’s your job.
    You may not know exactly what six feet of space looks like, but you certainly know when you’re in someone’s space. Just back up.
  6. Consider your payment method.
    If contactless payments are allowed, consider using them. That way no one has to touch anything outside of you touching your phone (which you probably already did anyway). Credit/debit card payments are next best, particularly if you’re the one responsible for running the card. Cash should be your last option as you don’t know where it’s been or who all’s touched it before you touch it to then give it to the cashier.
  7. Grant some grace.
    We’re all facing new normals. None of us know exactly what we’re doing or what’s coming next. Let’s all cut everyone – including ourselves – a bit of slack when things aren’t perfect.

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