Tips to Celebrate World Cocktail Day | SEO & Social Media Management | SBN Marketing | Stephanie Nelson

Today is World Cocktail Day. It kind of feels like today is MY day, particularly this year. So while this is a bit of a departure from my tips and tricks, these are my tips to celebrate World Cocktail Day 2020.

  • Start with what you have on-hand.
    While I love a good cocktail, and I love experimenting and tasting new things, this is not the year to venture out JUST to buy a new-to-you liquor. Save that for a year that we’re not under some level of stay-at-home orders.
  • Find recipes for cool cocktails online.
    Pinterest has been my best friend lately. I go to the search bar on the site and type in [ingredient] recipes. Some aren’t usable because I have, like, two of the 15 ingredients. But from drinks to cleaning out the freezer, this outlet has yet to let me down.
  • Let your mood guide you.
    Is quarantine wearing on you? Comfort yourself with a tried and true cocktail recipe! Does lockdown monotony have you feeling like a caged cat? Bust out something new and break up your routine! Want something easy? Pour a glass of wine or whiskey neat or whatever your drink of choice is. Those full-on count as cocktails at SBN Marketing, especially in 2020!

We hope World Cocktail Day treats you well today, no matter how you choose to celebrate. If the cocktails convince you that you need SEO or social media management help, feel free to use the button below to give us a shout! 🙂

Image by SBN Marketing