Tips to Take Advantage of Increased Screen Time | SEO & Social Media Management | SBN Marketing

These are strange times. The county I’m in goes on a mandatory stay-at-home order tomorrow at 8am, and many big cities around the US are a day or two ahead of us on all mandates. I’m seeing businesses shift left and right in order just to stay in business, and I’m seeing the prowess of some of my business-owning friends on full display.

Another side effect of the pandemic that we’re getting reports of is that screen time is up during this self-isolation period. Among the tasks related to this, people are searching for goods and services they can get now, as well as starting the search for vendors they want to hire for goods and services when this is all over.

Since everyone is being forced to move more of their business online, it’s more important than ever to be able to be found! Even though your income is probably impacted, now is not the time to shut everything down! If you stop posting on social media, the algorithms are going to forget you exist. And if you aren’t posting now but your competitors are, people searching for you or your goods/services within that outlet, are going to find them, not you. In addition, we tell our SEO clients that SEO work can take three to six months to START showing results, so work done today will likely start showing results when all this is over (assuming timelines we’ve been given pan out).

We know there’s a lot of uncertainty about income for many of us right now. But we implore you to set yourself up for success now AND later. We’re so passionate about helping small business owners that, if you know you’re ready to get started, we want to offer payment plans to anyone that fits as a client for us. We’ll make sure things work out for all parties involved.

If you know your website needs some help but you don’t know where to start or whether you want a professional to help you, we’re also offering SEO audits. To request an audit, just check out the details and fill out the form!

Everything we do can be handled over email or text, so we don’t have to worry about face-to-face meetings or anything like that. If you want to see if we’re a good fit for your business’ SEO or social media management, use the button below to reach out and let’s get the ball rolling!

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay