post by Stephanie Nelson

Often, I’m asked what tools I use to stay on top of everything to do with my business.  Since I work in social media, tools like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like are a given…though I do use them for industry news updates, sharing infographics and blog posts, etc outside of their uses as client marketing solutions.  So I’ve made a list of the tools I use here.

  • Evernote – This is the ULTIMATE in tools!  It allows you to set up notebooks for different topics, so you can keep related items together.  You can have personal notebooks and professional notebooks, making it easy to organize the different facets of your life.  The app is available for your computer, smartphone and tablet, and they all sync with each other, so any note to make is available to you any time you have one of those devices with you.  And the web clipper browser plug-in allows you to click a button and make a note straight from any web page!
  • Google Calendar – Again, it’s all about accessibility.  The calendar syncs with my iPhone and my iPad and is obviously available on my Mac.
  • Google Docs – This one is one of my favorites not just because of accessibility but because of shareability.  I can share any doc with any client.  And as long as I give editing permissions, he or she can edit the doc and I can see the changes without a bunch of e-mailing the doc back and forth.
  • Google Voice – Love, love, love this app!  This allows me to have a free phone number that is separate from my personal cell phone but still rings to any phone I’ll be near.  Simple things like this allow me to keep some semblance of a personal/professional separation.
  • iPhone and iPad – While no one likes to feel that they’re on call 24/7, no matter what job they’re in, these two light-as-air pieces of equipment allow me to stay connected and do my job without having to haul around a laptop all of the time, especially when combined with the other tools I use.

I’d like you to share with me…What tools help you do your job?