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While SBN Marketing’s services don’t focus specifically on garnering online reviews, we do aid in responding to reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google. So the topic of how to get reviews is related enough that a blog post on the subject didn’t seem too outlandish.

As many people now know, online reviews for businesses are important. As the number of people searching online for what they need – from a hairdresser to local restaurants to new employees – you need to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, these reviews act as social proof for your business or product, and there is talk that they may help your SEO efforts, particularly Google reviews.

So how do you get online reviews?

  • Companies’ employees can put links to their company LinkedIn page, Google My Business page, Yelp page and other online profiles in their e-mail signatures.
  • Put links to social profiles, LinkedIn pages, etc. on your website’s testimonials page.
  • Use posts on your social media outlets to ask for reviews. The message goes to people who are admitted fans AND hits ‘em where they are. There’s no reason NOT to give you a recommendation!
  • Keep your requests short. Get straight to the point when asking for a review. You don’t want people tuning out your request because you’ve rambled on.
  • Strike while the iron’s hot. Have you done something that impressed a client, boss or co-worker? Ask them for a review or recommendation while he or she still remembers your impressive deed!