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Day in and day out, we see businesses doing social media ALL WRONG! (Thank goodness. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in business!) We know that not everyone has the budget or desire to have us manage their social media, so we’ve put together our top tips for social media marketing.

  1. How you present your business matters.
    Using text speak in your posts and comments? Better hope your audience is made up of those that are considered Generation Z. Posts and comments consistently filled with typos and grammatical & punctuation errors? An educated audience with higher median incomes will not take you seriously. Post like you have some sense  – both common and business.
  2. Know your audience.
    Along the same lines, knowing your audience is paramount. And luckily, the social media outlets all offer an analytics section for their product. This section will give you not only data about the demographics of your audience, but also about what time of day they’re online (so you’ll know when to post) and what posts they engage with most (so you’ll know what to post)!
  3. Get picky about where you spend your time, money, and efforts.
    You don’t need to be on every social media outlet, just like you don’t need to be in every traditional marketing outlet. Focus on where your target market is, and choose your social media outlets wisely.
  4. Build your bio to help you.
    Make sure your bio and “about” information are completely filled out. Consider what folks may search for to find your business or your type of business; include those terms in your business description. If you are working with an SEO provider, get with them regarding the terms being worked into your website’s optimization efforts. Use those same terms in your bio and about information.
  5. Promote your home base(s).
    When you use social media outlets, you’re putting your eggs in someone else’s basket. You can control what you post, but you are leaving it up to another entity to decide who sees it, when they see it, if they see it, etc. You are in complete control of your website and your email newsletters, though. Use your social media posts to drive people to the places you control.

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