Tips to Create Your Own Luck in Business | Stephanie Nelson | SEO & Social Media Maven | SBN Marketingpost by Stephanie Nelson

With St Patrick’s Day coming up, luck – and how lucky I’ve been -seems to be on my mind a lot this week. So let’s talk about how to create your own luck when it comes to your business.

Build your tribe with care.
A lot of your “luck” will come from the folks you surround yourself with. Your business partners, the people you refer business to and that refer business to you, your clients, your mentors, your “business buddies,” your friends, and your family all play a role in how successful your business can be.

Plan, plan, plan.
You know the adage “failure to plan is a plan to fail”? It’s true! Plan everything! You may need to be flexible in how you get there or when you get there, but have a plan for the things you need to get done to reach the goals you want to reach.

Get organized.
Nothing brings bad luck in business than missing deadlines and disappointing clients. So set yourself up for luck! Find a system that works for you, and get organized. Here’s what works for me: I have a whiteboard over my desk where I track overall deadlines for each client. I have a paper planner where I break those deadlines down into daily to-do lists. Then I use a Google calendar to keep track of appointments that have assigned times. When setting up the daily to-dos, I look at the Google calendar to make sure a day that’s filled with meetings isn’t also overloaded with tasks to get done.

Ask questions.
You don’t know what you don’t know. If you see someone achieving something you want, reach out. Ask them how they did it. (Just don’t ask to pick their brain.) Offer to pay them for their time (not their coffee or lunch). Many times, you’ll find people WANT to help others succeed.

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