photo: Tori Amos’ Facebook Page

post by Stephanie Nelson

It’s that time again. Tori Tour. If you remember, a few years ago, I wrote a post about my Tori Amos fandom and how I loved how she’d taken to social media. Well she’s at it again, and I’ve noticed a couple changes from the last tour.

  • There are fewer selfies, but a lot more “behind the scenes” shots.
  • Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly, but it seems like the fans are sharing more with each other this time. Notices of whether meet and greets are on, photos of the merchandise, photos and videos from the shows and interviews, etc.

I did notice that in one interview Tori acknowledged the power of social media. She was discussing how record labels work, and some issues she’d had back in the day, particularly around the subjects of sexism and sexual harassment. She talked about how she’d had to dig her heels in basically by herself at the time, whereas today, she could hit her social media, tell her fans what was going on, and wait on the uproar to help things change. Her take was really interesting, and personally, I was happy to hear one of my favorite people on the planet “get” how social media can make things happen.

My participation in Tori Tour ’17 happens this Saturday in Durham. I’ll be at the M&G and at the show, good lord willing and the creek don’t rise. Lemme know if I’ll see you there! And of course, I’ll be on social with my feedback from the day and night.

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