Tricks for Putting Your Best Foot Forward on Social Media

Social media can seem like a world all its own. But there are some best practices that can help you do things right. Here are our favorite tricks for putting your best foot forward on social media.

  • Engagement rules.
    Today’s iterations of the social media algorithms are all about engagement rates. Your posts should invite likes, comments, and shares, but so should your actions. Like, comment, and share others’ content on a regular basis and you’ll likely get them to return the favor to help you out!
  • Do not buy followers.
    Along the same lines, bought followers are usually bots and fake accounts that do not engage with your posts. When the algorithms calculate how many likes, comments, and shares your posts gets in comparison to your number of followers, fake followers and bots LOWER your engagement rate, so buying followers hurts you more than you know.
  • Be yourself.
    It’s tempting to try and post content with the sole goal that it draw more followers and engagement. And to a certain extent, that should be your goal. However, if you’re not being true to yourself, your facade will eventually crack. You’ll lose engagement, and you’ll lose followers. So all that work being fake will end up being for nothing. If you’re authentic, though, you’ll attract the right followers, you’ll get engagement for the right reasons, and your work will help you and your business grow the right way.
  • Be present.
    Post regularly. Respond to comments and DMs. Interact with others. Let your followers and potential followers see that you don’t just post and run.