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Getting engagement on your social media posts is the only way to grow your presence organically anymore. And plain text posts generally don’t garner engagement, so having a graphic or video in your post is almost a must. But unless you’re a trained graphic designer, the task of finding or creating graphics can seem daunting. That is, unless you know about the right tools. Here are a few of our tricks for social media graphics creation that’ll help even the most uncreative business owner!

In a past life, long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, I actually WAS a graphic designer and created any graphic I was going to use in Illustrator or QuarkXpress. Since I’ve been out on my own, I’ve realized my cheapskate ways and leaned on free options. I’ve tried Canva and PicMonkey for social media graphic creation. Canva and PicMonky offer templates you can use; some are already sized per outlet/type of post, some are a bit more in-depth with full-on designs. PicMonkey is by far my favorite, to the point that I found it worth it to upgrade to one of their paid options.

When it comes to stock photos, I’m still a cheapskate, though I do look for quality images. My two favorite sites are and Pixabay. FreeDigitalPhotos requires attribution if you want to use the image for free or you can pay for the image; Pixabay requires nothing, but you can be nice and give a donation to the site or include attribution for the image use.

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Image by Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay