Tricks to Gain SEO Success in 2020 | SEO and Social Media Marketing | SBN Marketing

Search engine algorithms change all the time, and staying on top of what you need to do to gain organic rankings for your website can seem like a full-time job. (Trust me, sometimes it IS a full-time job.) So here are a few tricks to gaining SEO success this year.

  • Understand the E-A-T portion of Google’s Algorithm.
    EAT is the Expert, Authority, Trust of your website when it comes to the subject being searched. Author expertise, backlinks and getting cited by others, and sources you cite within your content all play a role here. Make sure the content of your site is not just factually correct, but is also credited to someone known as an expert in the field. (Yes, the algorithm has ways of checking for this.)
  • Hone in on queries leading impressions and traffic to your site.
    Google no longer wants to make sure the search engine results pages deliver content that matches the query itself; it wants to make sure the results actually answer the searcher’s query. If your content’s missing the boat – either by being too vague or by being incorrect overall – your organic results are going to suffer.
  • Check the UX of your site’s pages and your SEO elements.
    Just checking off the boxes of what looks good to the search engines is no longer enough. While your title tags, meta descriptions, et al still play a significant role, user experience is more important than ever! This involves how easily the user finds your site to navigate, whether or not links included in your copy work/are broken, the readability of your content, and more. The longer a visitor stays on your site, the lower your bounce rate. The lower your bounce rate, the better your site potentially ranks in the search results.

If all of this seems like Greek to you, or if the prospect of adding this work to your plate is overwhelming, use the button below to give us a shout. We’d love to see if we’re a good fit for optimizing your site and gaining SEO results for you!

Image by Katarzyna Tyl from Pixabay