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Today is National Dog Day. And since a vast majority of us find ourselves working from home – whether by design as an entrepreneur or because of the pandemic – it seems only appropriate to share some tips for working from home with your dog.

  • Doggie daycare is your friend.
    There will be days when your schedule is packed…or the weather is nasty…or you’re just not feeling life. Depending on how active your pup is, he or she may still need some stimulation. Doggie daycare has become a lifesaver for SBN Marketing – I cannot keep up with our 4-year-old lab mix, Oliver!!! (PS – That’s Oliver in the pic, the day AFTER a day at daycare.)
  • Puzzle treats work wonders.
    Treats like Kong toys filled with food nuggets or snuffle mats with treats hidden in them can buy you a bit of uninterrupted time, too.
  • Find Fido during your breaks.
    I have an alarm on my Apple Watch that reminds me to stand for one minute once per hour. During the work day, I use that reminder to find my dogs (if they’re not immediately within sight) and give them a few pets and maybe a treat or two. Lunch breaks can also be used to take your dog for a walk or head outside for a quick game of fetch.
  • Sometimes, they just need you to hang with them.
    There are times that I can tell my dogs don’t need my attention or anything like that; they just want to be around me. As I can, I’ll give them a long-lasting treat like a bone or roll hide, then I’ll sit on the floor or the couch by them to work. They’re happy. I’m happy (and working).

If you find yourself worrying about your website or your social media presence because you can’t juggle your business, your family, AND your pups, we get it. Let us take some worry off your plate! Use the button below to give us a shout, and let’s chat about whether we’re a good fit for you!