post by Stephanie Nelson

Recently, I was going through some past issues of The Social Media Monthly magazine, and I came across the Startup Time article in the March 2012 issue.  The article was written by Dave Sasche and asked the question: What do you want to achieve in your career when it is all said and done?

The article recaps Sasche’s experience and his learnings and goals throughout his career.  I noticed some similarities between us two – starting out in corporate marketing, the disillusionment that can come when, as Sasche put it, “corporate culture and ladder clashed with the timeline of my personal goals,” the noticeable overuse of the word “expert” in social media circles – but the article also got me to thinking.  Now that I have my own shop, what do I want to achieve?  What am I passionate about?

Luckily, I feel like I’ve stumbled upon what I’m passionate about.  I love the fact that I get to spend my days (and sometimes nights…and weekends) helping small businesses use social media to affect their business.  I’ve found that small businesses are often the ones that need the most help and resources but have the least access to them.  I can help change that!  And luckily, I’ve found clients that I LOVE working with!

I’m also passionate about paying it forward.  I’ve been VERY fortunate to meet some amazing people, both in real life and online, via social media.  (I tried putting together a list here, but it quickly became quite long and I was terrified I’d left someone out!)  These folks have been instrumental in helping me grow my social media experience and helping me to see that despite how I feel about past jobs/employers/bosses, I wouldn’t have the knowledge, experience or confidence I have today without them.  I want to help others see those things in themselves.

What do I want to achieve?  I want to help as many small businesses as I can!  I want to make a difference in how social media is understood and used by small businesses.  I have seen the difference it can make, and I want others to, too!

I’m not a sales-y type person, but if you have a small business and you’d like to see if I can help you, please give me a shout!  You can reach me at stephanie@sbnmktg. I’d love to put my passion to use for you!