what should i postpost by Stephanie Nelson

I’ve been in social media marketing for several years now. Two questions that never seem to go out of style (ha ha ha) are: “What should I post about?  And how often should I post?”  As cheesy of an answer as this may be, the best and most honest answer is, “Post what matters to you and your audience.”

When you are impassioned about a subject, it shows whether you’re communicating face-to-face or online.  The best way to gain an audience is to post honestly about things that mean the most to you.  We all know this can be easier said than done when you’re in charge of posting for your business and that’s not one of the things in life that gets you excited.  But there are always little successes and bits of even the worst job that can be shared.

As far as how often to post… While it’s best to be active on a channel you’ve chosen to be a part of – both for personal and corporate branding purposes – sharing for the sake of sharing doesn’t do anyone any good.  Even Facebook advocates against sharing too often as more than once per day means you’re competing against yourself for eyes and space in your fans’ news feeds. Again, you should be sharing information that is relevant and interesting to you and your brand, whenever that comes up (for the most part).  Each outlet also offers analytics that let you delve into which posts get consumed by your audience most and what time(s) your audience tends to consume content. If you follow your averages, your audience will grow organically from there.  Two caveats:
(a) Some sort of consistency is important, even if that turns into one post per month or so.
(b) Paying attention to outlets (like Facebook) and their moves toward pay-to-play where if you pay for ads or boosted or promoted posts occasionally, even your non-paid posts will show more, makes a difference.

So you tell us… When you ask yourself “what should I post”, how do you make a decision? Do you have any special tools or tips and tricks that help you?

Image by KROMKRATHOG at FreeDigitalPhotos.net