sbn marketing logopost by Stephanie Nelson

I try to keep posts on this blog focused on social media and SEO – changes in algorithms, how tos, tips, advice and the like.  But after noticing that it’s been months since my last post, I felt today NEEDED a post, pretty much about anything.  And it seems quite fitting to talk about what they don’t tell you about owning a business.

Maybe it should go without saying, but when you’re a solopreneur like me, you wear all the hats.  You’re the company’s sales department, accounting staff, social media maven, and worker bee making sure all deliverables for all clients are getting done.  What I’ve found is that leaves you in a bit of a “cobbler’s kid has no shoes” situation – you’re so busy taking care of everything for everyone else, you don’t manage your own stuff very well.  Blogs get ignored.  Facebook gets random posts.  All your tweets are retweets.  Pinterest only sees you once a month.  Even content calendars get abandoned.

I know from conversations with other entrepreneurs that SBN Marketing isn’t the only company that sees this issue.  What I haven’t gotten to the bottom of is how to make it right.  Any readers have any suggestions?  I’m all ears, and I’d LOVE to hear your suggestions!