post by Stephanie Nelson

A new fad is hitting the social media world. A wave of hysteria has hit us over Pinterest, and as usual, the mavens, gurus and ninjas amongst us have begun looking at how this new outlet can be used by our clients to promote their businesses.

Pinterest allows you to “pin” items you enjoy onto virtual bulletin boards.  As you gain followers, the things you pin are put into their feed.  Pinterest users can also click into your boards and see things you’ve pinned, and they can follow any or all of your boards to see your pins.  You can edit your boards at any time.

So how can businesses use this little gem to reach and interact with their audiences?

  • Realtors could have boards showing their listings, interior decor ideas, landscaping ideas, DIY decoration.
  • Travel agents could have boards showing off photos of their own trips, photos submitted by clients, their bucket list of destinations to see and experience, favorite sites/foods/restaurants around the world.
  • Gyms could have boards for on-the-go workouts, preferred workout clothes/accessories items and brand, motivational quotes, healthy recipes, healthy snacks.
  • Cleaning companies could have boards on DIY cleaning solutions and tools for organizing different rooms.
  • Restaurants could have boards to showcase their menu items and share recipes.
  • Graphic designers and photographers could use the boards to show off their own work, as well as the work of others that they like or that inspires them.

Now you tell us… Are you on Pinterest? If so, do you use it for business?