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I’ve recently been chatting with some clients and potential clients about their blogs. There’s been an overwhelming concern that committing to blogging is too much to take on. When I’ve mentioned that this is a service SBN Marketing offers and that, in fact, there’s an entire industry built around folks writing for other people’s blogs, the reactions have been a mix of intrigue and relief. So here are just a few reasons you should hire a ghostwriter (or copywriter) for your blog:

  • It takes the work off your plate.
    How involved you are in your blog depends on what you want and your relationship with your ghostwriter. At SBN Marketing, we tend to like approval on a blog topic and for the client to proof the articles to make sure they’re factually correct and that they’re worded in a way that feels authentic to the client. But some clients want to be even more hands-off and let us take the work on 100%. Either way, our clients have blogs that they’re happy with, but they don’t have to do the research or the writing or the posting.
  • It sets you up as an expert in your in your industry.
    If you have a blog with consistent, well-researched posts, readers and search engines alike will put credence in what you have to say…even if it technically isn’t you saying it.
  • A blog is an important piece of the SEO puzzle.
    Each article posted on a blog housed on your website counts as an update for the search engines’ importance placed on fresh content. Each article also gives an opportunity to put focus on one or more of the key search terms you want to be found for. Each article is also another indexable point of entry for the search engines to your website. If adding blogging to your already mile-long to do list isn’t favorable – or isn’t feasible at all – it is important that you have someone taking care of it for you.

If you’re interested in SBN Marketing taking on your blog, give me a shout! Let’s talk about what you need, the costs, and how we can make it all work for you!

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