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As more folks are practicing social distancing and social isolation, many of us small business owners are seeing a hit on our bottom lines. With the downturn in work, the time you’re finding yourself with can turn out to be a boon. Here are a few of our tips for using your coronavirus downtime.

  • Look at your subscriptions.
    Is there anything that can be canceled? Like, do you really need 8 music streaming services? Do you really read all of those magazines you subscribe to? How much tv time do you have that you need Netflix, Hulu, Roku, YouTube TV, Disney+, and all the others? Granted, now that there’s more time to listen to music and watch tv, this may not be the best time to ask. But take a look anyway. Save where you can.
  • Find ways to continue to support your customers.
    If you offer online shopping, can you throw in free shipping? If you offer a service, can you do a webinar or course for your clients to give them a little something extra? If you own a restaurant, can you offer call-ahead or online ordering and/or curbside pickup?
  • Take advantage of the time to help prep for when this is over.*
    By all accounts, all of this will pass. It’s just a matter of when. What can you do now to set yourself up for success then?
    • Spend the effort now to get professional photos done of your wares.
    • Contact a local artist about redoing the artwork in your office or space.
    • Since everyone’s moving online, make sure your site and your social aren’t lost. Get your site optimized and make sure your social media posts invite engagement so the algorithms don’t hide them.

I offered this last tip with a bit of a caveat, thus the asterisk. A lot of the providers of these services are small business owners, just like you. We’re being hit, just like you. So we understand what you’re going through. I obviously can’t make this promise for everyone, but at SBN Marketing, we’re passionate about helping small businesses, so we’re open to discussing costs and payment plans, and trying to set up something that’ll work for all involved. Don’t let this current situation keep you from seeking the help you need to survive this and thrive later.

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Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay