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Whether you love Yelp or hate it, they’re making an important change that could make a difference in whether your business is suggested to its users. So now’s the time to get your listing in order so you can take advantage and get ahead of your competitors!

Yelp is now allowing users to personalize their search results based on diet, lifestyle, accessibility, and favorites. Once a user profile is updated to specify preferences, only business listings with information to match those preferences will be shown in search results. Thus the reason it’s important to get your business listing updated now!

Under dietary preferences, the choices are pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, keto, kosher, halal, and gluten-free. Lifestyle choices are auto-owner, homeowner, pet owner, and parent. For accessibility, gender-neutral restrooms and wheelchair accessible are the choices. Under favorites, users can set interests in their profile such as specific types of cuisine, favorite things to do, and most frequented types of businesses.

This is a first for Yelp. Up until now, the outlet has allowed users to personalize search results only by location. And it’s an important change, both for users of Yelp AND for businesses listed there, so now’s not the time to lag behind.